A team of explorers discovered a mysterious island in the Solana ecosystem that they renamed Mogu Island.
After a few weeks of study and exploration the explorers team decided decided to reach the volcano located in the center of the island, in a cave they found 555 mysterious lava eggs...What creatures will contain?



Great Utilities you'll love.

Mogu DAO

You are the heart of Mogu Dragonz.
The most important part of the project is community, by joining the Mogu DAO you will have access to all the utilities that the project offers to the Holders.


Olympus is our promoting platform, this service is designed for all creators who want to have REAL visibility and is designed to kill the useless promotion way for NFT projects.
Olympus be a useful showcase for users of the NFT space, the projects that will be accepted on Olympus will be selected based on several criteria to ensure a high quality of service.


$MOGU is our official coin that you can dispense through staking your Mogu Dragonz.
What it's for?
You can use your $MOGU in to our Ecosystem for raffles with different prizes, buy merch, mint NFTs & many more.


DAO Wallet

A percentage of the revenue from the paid services will be deposited in the DAO Wallet.
The accumulated SOL will be managed by the community, you can choose to use them as Revenue Share for holders, or invest in something else.
The most important thing, the community will have a choice.


Graveyard doors will be opened monthly. Mogu Dragonz listed in the secondary markets a floor will be burned and buried in the Graveyard.

What will happen next...?

Gen 2

The Gen 2 of Mogu Dragonz will be airdropped for FREE to Gen 1 Holders.